Each day brings with it an opportunity to discover something new and to grow as an individual. Our Connection Programs encourage residents to creatively express themselves and interact with the greater Prescott Valley community across generations. At Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley, we are committed to cultivating a community that helps to inspire our residents to pursue activities tailored to their interests. We take the time to try and get to know residents, their preferences and goals to provide activities and programs that may best work for them.


A purpose-filled life can be lived at any age. Through our various Connection Programs, we strive to equip our residents with the resources they may need to find passion and purpose in life. Our intention is to provide residents with a comprehensive experience that supports their well-being through mental and physical wellness, nutrition, and learning and social opportunities that spark joy. Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley also encourages residents to bring their own ideas. We collaborate with our residents to create purpose-filled activities and programs that work for them and their peers, and we support those who want to lead these projects. Imagine the possibilities that await.


If a resident has an idea for an activity or program, we collaborate with them in developing, promoting and leading it. We believe an enriched, purpose-filled life can be lived at any age – and we are committed to helping our residents achieve it.

Active Connections includes:

  • Individualized Resident Engagement Plans
  • Resident Engagement Software
  • Intergenerational Involvement
  • Posted Activity Calendar
  • Volunteerism
  • The 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Opportunity for Residents to Participate in Initiatives That Help the Environment
  • Resident Council
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • Resident Handbook

*Some programs may be changed to comply with local, state, or federal regulations to respond to the current pandemic.


Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley strives to create exceptional dining experiences for our residents through our dining service program, Culinary Connections.

Based on a strong belief in supporting local culture and community, providing quality food, and an eagerness to satisfy our residents; Culinary Connections helps stave off boredom, integrates seasonal favorites and creates a platform for Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley’s Director of Dining Services to showcase both innovative and classic dishes.


Menus featuring locally sourced and from-scratch meals are designed by dieticians to help meet most residents’ typical dietary needs while multiple dining venues provide diversity and choice. From room service to theater dining, our residents can find a dining experience for whatever suits their mood.

At Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley it is more than just three meals a day, it’s a dining experience.


  • Locally Sourced Fresh Produce*
  • Resident Favorites
  • Multiple Dining Venues with Expanded Dining Hours
  • Scratch Cooking
  • Menus Designed by Dietitians
  • Visiting or Hosting Local Farm Vendors
  • Cooking Demonstrations that Highlight the Local Foods
  • Service by Trained and (Food Handlers Cards) Certified Team Members
  • Dining Table Centerpieces that Include Fresh Herbs, Flowers or Elements from the Local Area, When Available
  • Monthly Resident Dining Services Meetings with the Dining Services Director
  • Special Event Dining Both for the Resident’s Special Events and for the Community Special Events
  • Room Service
  • Theater Dining
  • Pastries, Donuts, and Desserts Made by Local Restaurants Available in the Café ​

*when available


At Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley we believe physical health is just one piece of a person’s wellness. Wellness can mean different things to different people. For some wellness is found in excellent healthcare support. To others wellness may mean engaging in purpose-filled activities that create joy. To support our residents in their pursuit of total wellness Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley has Purposeful Connections.

Purposeful Connections is a program based on 5 intentions: (1) Making a difference; (2) Cultivating; (3) Purposeful; (4) Connection; and (5) Joy and Opportunity. Each step focuses on creating a unique and individual approach to a resident’s total wellness.


From nutrition and discrete personal support, to physical and mental fitness, to learning and social opportunities Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley’s approach to wellness is an attempt to have a deep understanding of each individual we serve. Cultivating individualized care and engagement plans with the desire to have the highest standards ultimately can influence the joy our residents may feel on a day-by-day basis.

Through Purposeful Connections, residents, families, staff and care providers work together to engage Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley residents with varying degrees of activity. Developing a unified approach to wellness and creating opportunities for a richer environment for all.